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Hungerford  started in India  as the manifestation of an idea to reimagine the way water was sourced and offered to customers across venues in the hospitality industry.

As good quality water has always been an essential component of a positive dining experience for both consumers and venues, providing water solutions of the highest aesthetic, taste and functional quality was at the core of this vision and ultimately fuelled the birth of the brand.

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This vision, coupled with increasing consumer demand, motivated HUNGERFORD to pioneer a simple, contemporary, great tasting alternative to single serve bottled water, by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enabled venues to utilise their own locally-sourced water supply to offer to their customers. The latest technologies are used to provide, refreshing, on-demand sparkling or still, cold or ambient water, which is healthier, cleaner, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods.

Many venues, however, continue to operate by using traditional, single-serve bottled water supply, which is costly, inefficient, harmful to the environment and not in line with consumer trends. As consumers increasingly reject unsustainable single-serve bottled water, the unique concept of healthy, freshly dispensed water is rapidly becoming the preferred alternative and is reshaping consumer behaviour.

Driven to set new precedents and to challenge ourselves to offer innovative experiences for our customers and their clients, we are dedicated to continuous product innovation to produce great tasting, high quality still and sparkling water. This is complemented by our vision to lead the movement to remove single-use bottles from the global hospitality supply chain.

The name “Hungerford” was inspired by small English town of same name. The tradition and values of quality and craftmanship that embody the spirit of new technology. Drawing influence and inspiration from this English heritage, the bespoke design of the taps and the bottles the water is served in, beautifully embraces those elements.

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Hungerford® Water System  was conceptualised to provide a simple, contemporary, great tasting alternative to table and bottled water, by delivering premium dispensing solutions that enable venues to utilise their own locally-sourced water supply to offer to their customers. Not only does Hungerford® Water System  produce the highest aesthetic, taste and functional quality, the latest technologies are employed to ensure the offering is healthier, cleaner, better value and more socially responsible than traditional methods.

This end-to-end system is offered exclusively to the hospitality industry (HoReCa) and the freshly dispensed water may be served sparkling, still, ambient or chilled in bespoke Hungerford® Water System  serving bottles.

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About Hungerford Water Systems

Developing Our Community

Hungerford Water Systems has been expanding its engineering services since its establishment in 2023. Our aim has always been to lead the community of San Francisco toward a technologically-advanced future. For each project, we work carefully to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients and their needs.

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What We Offer

We work within a large variety of sectors and undertake specific services, such as Power Plant Operation, Electrical System Design and Electrical System Testing. Whether your needs are simple or complex, our team at Hungerford Water Systems has the expertise and the experience to find long-lasting solutions.

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Restaurants and Event Centres

Safe & Stable

Large-scale engineering projects often require Power Plant Operation. As part of our commitment to socially-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team is flexible and takes all environmental considerations into account to minimize environmental damage.

Corporate and Commercial Usage

Functional Design

Hungerford Water Systems provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges across industries. Through Electrical System Design, we leverage our knowledge to reduce risk. We’re constantly looking for new advancements and technologies to find the smartest and most optimal solutions.

Premium Value Add

High Performance

Providing Electrical System Testing is vital to maintaining safety in most projects we undertake at Hungerford Water Systems. Whether a project is in the Electrical or Environmental sector Electrical System Testing is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Power Solutions Consultants are safe, stable, and built to last.

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